Understanding Linear Algebra

An open-access linear algebra textbook

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Upcoming: Look for a low-cost print version produced by our friends at 619 Wreath in January 2024.

David Austin
Grand Valley State University
austind at gvsu dot edu


Understanding Linear Algebra is a freely available linear algebra textbook suitable for use in a first undergraduate linear algebra course. The text aims to support readers as they develop their ability to reason mathematically, their computational fluency, and their understanding of the role that linear algebra plays in shaping our society. It is also designed to support an active learning classroom environment.

Understanding Linear Algebra is written in PreTeXt and has been endorsed by the Open Textbook Initiative at the American Institute of Mathematics.


For instructors

First, I hope Understanding Linear Algebra is a valuable resource for you and your students in whatever way you find most appropriate to use it.

I would very much like to hear from you at the email address given below. Since the book is freely available, it's difficult to know how many people are using it and what value they are finding in it.

The book is in use at over 30 institutions, from R1s to community colleges and high schools. There is a community of instructors using ULA, and we share resources such as online homework sets, syllabi, learning objectives, and more. Please reach out to me to connect with this community.


Questions, feedback, suggestions, and anything else are always welcome:

David Austin, austind at gvsu.edu


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