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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

Many people have supported and shaped this project. First is my colleague Matt Boelkins, whose Active Calculus 2  is a model for how an open textbook can encourage and facilitate good pedagogy. The debt that this book owes to Matt’s cannot be overstated. In addition, he has provided a great deal of editorial feedback on this text and improved it in countless ways. Over many, many years, I have valued Matt’s friendship and wise counsel.
I could not imagine a more supportive environment than the mathematics department at Grand Valley State University. The influence of my colleagues and their deep commitment to student growth is embedded in every page of this book. Conversations about the teaching of linear algebra with Paul Fishback have been especially helpful as has editorial feedback from Lauren Keough and Lora Bailey. I am also grateful for a sabbatical leave in 2017 during which I began this project.
In addition to my colleagues, I am grateful for the many students who have helped me grow as a teacher. Thank you for your willingness to engage in this very human art of learning and for sharing your experiences, frustrations, and successes with me.
The open textbook community that has grown around the PreTeXt authoring and publishing system is a continual source of support and inspiration. The goal of providing all students with high-quality, affordable textbooks is ambitious, but the commitment of this passionate and dedicated group makes clear that it is possible. As part of that community, Mitch Keller and Kathy Yoshiwara have read much of this book and provided detailed and insightful editorial feedback.
There coud be no better partners than Candice Price, Miloš Savić, and their team at 619 Wreath Publishing. 3  Thank you for your support of this project and for everything you do to further your mission to “foster creativity, equity, and scholarship.”
Finally, a book is nothing without readers, and I am so thankful for all the instructors, students, and self-learners who have reached out with suggestions, comments, and questions. Hearing from those who are using the book gives meaning to this project, so please know that your voice is always welcomed.