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\(RGB\) color model, Paragraph
\(YC_bC_r\) color model, Paragraph
augmented matrix, Paragraph
back substitution, Observation
basic variable, Item
basis, Definition
basis, standard, Example
characteristic equation, Paragraph
characteristic polynomial, Paragraph
chrominance, Paragraph
coefficient matrix, Paragraph
coefficient of determination, Definition
column space, Definition
consistent system, Item
decoupled system, Observation
determinant, Definition
diagonalizable, Definition
dimension, Definition
discrete dynamical system, Paragraph
Discrete Fourier Transform, Paragraph
dot product, Paragraph
eigenspace, Paragraph
eigenvalue, Definition
eigenvalue, dominant, Paragraph
eigenvector, Definition
free variable, Item
Gaussian elimination, Paragraph
Gram matrix, Paragraph
Gram-Schmidt, Paragraph
inconsistent system, Item
invertible, Definition
linear combination, Definition
linear equation, Definition
linear system, Definition
linearly dependent, Definition
linearly independent, Definition
lower triangular matrix, Definition
luminance, Paragraph
Markov chain, Paragraph
matrix transformation, Definition
matrix, addition, Paragraph
matrix, elementary, Paragraph
matrix, identity, Item
matrix, inverse, Definition
matrix, rank, Definition
matrix, scalar multiplication, Paragraph
matrix, shape, Paragraph
matrix, square, Paragraph
matrix-vector multiplication, Definition
Moore-Penrose psuedoinverse, Paragraph
multiplicity, Paragraph
normal equation, Paragraph
null space, Definition
orthogonal, Definition
orthogonal complement, Definition
orthogonal diagonalization, Definition
orthogonal matrix, Definition
orthogonal projection, Definition
orthogonal set, Definition
othonormal set, Definition
parametric description, Item
partial pivoting, Paragraph
pivot position, Definition
positive matrix, Definition
power method, Example
principal components, Paragraph
probability vector, Definition
quadratic form, Definition
R squared, Definition
rank, Definition
reduced row echelon form, Definition
reduced row echelon matrix, Definition
round off error, Paragraph
row equivalent, Paragraph
row space, Paragraph
scalar multiplication, Item
similarity, Definition
solution, Definition
solution space, Definition
span, Definition
state vector, Paragraph
stationary vector, Definition
steady-state vector, Definition
stochastic matrix, Definition
subspace, Definition
symmetric matrix, Definition
transition function, Paragraph
transpose, Definition
triangular system, Observation
unit vector, Item
upper triangular matrix, Definition
vector, Paragraph
vector addition, Item
weights, Definition